Using Keywords in Online Marketing

Rank your page at the top of every search engine using keywords is not a new business in online marketing. This is called “keyword marketing”. You will find that you are not the only one doing that once you begin to understand how the internet works. So, the questions is, “How do you use keywords to make your advertisement visible amidst thousands of other business people online?” Here are some tips to be discussed one at a time for an easier grasp:

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Tip 1: Do your research.

Tip 2: Choose the right keyword.

Tip 3: Use phrases.

Tip 4: Try some keyword tools.


All the tips mentioned above are to be done on your end of the line. There is really nothing your target people will do on their end of the line if they are not even aware that you or your business exists. So your keyword marketing has got to get a good research and good placement for it to work.


Do your research


This is the very first thing you should be doing especially when you are a newbie in online marketing. It is like doing your homework so as to get a good grade. Your assessors here are the people who will be visiting your website or blog. What do you need to research on?


  1. How keywords are used in search engines.
  2. How you can make use of your keywords in blogs.
  3. Examples of most visited keywords.
  4. Your business niche


The last part, researching on your business niche, is very important. You have to know the ins and outs of your business. You cannot advertise more effectively if you know little about what you offer. People get drawn to advertisements that sound more natural than scripted for the sake of sales. You cannot sound natural if you know so little about your business and its products and services. So this last part of your research should be given a thorough thinking.


Choose the right keyword


After doing your research, you will have come to know which keywords work and which do not. In your research, you should have known the techniques of using keyword marketing to top search engines. Through research, you can now come up with the right keyword that matches your business niche. You cannot use words that are not related to your line of business or at least your line of products and services.


Not all known keywords are effective. You will have to weigh every word you plan to use. Based on your research, choosing the right keyword to make your business visible should not be a difficult thing to understand or a hard thing to implement.


Use phrases


That’s right! If there is a “key” word then there is also a “key phrase”. Keyword marketing can be very general. But using phrases instead of just a single word in your in your marketing can be more specific depending on your business niche. When you turn words into phrases, make sure they make sense. Think of the possible topics online visitors will most likely search for. For example, if you are running a business that is related to weddings then think about what your would-be customers probably search for when they hit the internet. Would they be looking for tips on how to choose a wedding dress? Would they be looking for ideas for a unique wedding ceremony? With these, you will get to see which phrases are right for you to use to get these people’s attention and keep them.


Try some keyword tools


There are several online tools you can use to get related keywords for the business niche you are trying to establish. One tool you can use is the Google Adwords Tool which allows you to enter a word or phrase then gives you related results. It also shows which keywords or phrases have high numbers of visitors, which ones have medium numbers of visitors, and which ones have low numbers of visitors.


Tools like this can make your work easier. Another marketing tool you may consider using is Google Analytics. This tool keeps track of the increase and decrease of your advertising returns.


Keyword marketing is what keeps a business alive online. If you do your part on your end of the line, you have the right to expect results. If you think this is a hard way to market your business then find other ways to do it or find someone capable to do it for you.

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