Making Money Through your Blog

Most of the time, we see blogs that do not have PPC advertisements or any visible monetization sign. You do not recognize any trace of traditional ads anywhere. Do you know how they make money out of their blog? The answer is they don’t, they make money because of their blog and here is how they do it:

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  • Books

Blogging and books have always been related. Many book authors started from blogging and some book authors venture into blogging. Writing on blogs has captured the attention of many publishers and some bloggers have been offered to write a book about the topics they are blogging about. Blogging is also a great way to promote your books. If you put excerpts of your book on your blog and people were able to read it and like it, they will surely buy your book. So if you are an author, it would be ideal to start blogging right away.


  • Consulting

You must first find your niche and then focus on posting detailed articles. Give your readers loads of valuable information and convince your readers that they need you for expert advice. They will need your service if they want one-on-one attention so you can help them in their personal situations. Do not think that “how to” bloggers are the only one who can be a consultant. In every imaginable field, consultants are needed. Photography, marketing, craft, dating, financial, and more who all offer personal consultation services.


  • Training

Teaching people how to actually do something in person is a step further. There are small venues you can use for conducting training just like libraries and churches. They can be used for free or a very minimal fee. Whatever expertise you have, use it to your advantage because there are people out there who are willing to pay your for the training.


  • Public Speaking

There are bloggers who are not only creative writers but also good speakers. Promote yourself as a good speaker in your blog and you just might get invited to do some public speaking. There are some authors who do not get paid doing this but still they get to promote their books to their audience which is part of making profit.


  • Selling services

You can put anything in your blog that can generate income. Promote any service that you can provide your readers. First you have to generate readers and if you have traffic in your blog, you need to find out what are they looking for or interested in. If you figure out your readers’ needs then it will easy for you to offer them services.


  • Freelance writing

There are lots of opportunities in the World Wide Web concerning writing. Your blog is the best portfolio that you can show the editors. Make sure that you have published the best works that you have made. You can make money writing for different websites. Instead of going through the hassle of clipping and compiling everything you can just send the editor the link to your blog.


  • Lead Generation

Blogs are a good way for business to generate leads. Creating blogs are a lot cheaper than PPC ads and much more effective. Each post on your blog can be considered as a little online advertisement and you can avoid sending your readers to the competitor because you can just send them directly to your own contact page and capture your own leads.


  • Selling E-products

E-products include e-books, apps, software products, membership sites, blogging tools, and many more. You should develop your own brand. Instead of promoting other people’s product on your blog, it would be much easier if you promote your own. You will generate income if you develop your very own brand.


  • Finding your own job

College students and teenagers are creating blogs as their online profile that’s even more extensive than the resume they create. Having blogs gives you the perception that you are already experts in the fields that you have chosen.


There are so many ways to make money because of your blogs. You can use blogs to promote your handmade products like jewelries, bags and accessories. There are also blogs who promote their homemade foods like cupcakes, pastries and other delicacies. You just have to find what it is that you love doing and stop procrastinating!

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