A Sales Copy to Persuade People

Persuading people is not as easy as it may seem at times. To persuade a person to read your sales copy, you must consider a few things.

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  1. What would you want or need from the site?
  2. What benefits will you gain from getting the products and services?
  3. How concerned do you seem in giving proper treatment to customers as people?
  4. Is the price right for all its worth?


These considerations are a few of the many things you need to look at in the market and business competitions today. Once you have filled these basics in the customer agenda, you are sure to win a loyalist over to your company.

So, basing on the questions above, customers are attracted better to things that they want, most especially so to the things that they need. It is your duty to talk to them about how your products and services can help them or satisfy their needs and wants. And, most of all treat them as human beings, not some money-making goons.
The secrets to writing great marketing copy
Writing a sales copy starts when you understand what it means to “write effectively”. Writing effectively may mean different things to different people. But generally, an effective writing is one that attracts readers and encourages them to talk to you about what you have written.
In writing a great sales copy, make a plan on how it should appear and what information your readers should be reading. A sales copy is not like any of your other freestyle writing copy where you can just insert your opinions. A sales copy needs to contain facts that customers want to know about your products and services.
To start writing your copy, follow these steps:


  • Choose your niche/topic. Think about what your target audience would like to know upon hearing about your company.


  • Make a good headline. Actually, your headline should come first because it is where you will base the contents of your copy. A headline helps you organize your thoughts and focus it on the right track even when other ideas come rushing in. Your headline should focus on the purpose of your product or service.
  • Write your content. Your contents must only contain facts but it should not sound too diplomatic. It should have a friendly tone; a tone that sounds like the copy is really talking to the reader.


  • Your content should explain the pros and cons. If you think adding the information about the disadvantages of your products or services will destroy your business, you’re wrong. When you include the side effects or disadvantages, people will see that you sincerely care about what they get and not merely concerned about getting the money out of their pockets. A simple warning about the side effects or disadvantages of your products or services should be enough to build trust in your readers.


  • Do not dwell on the disadvantages of your products and services. Mention them once or twice in your copy then move on to presenting the good sides. Obviously, the good sides of your products and services should be more than the disadvantages. Even if your customer stays on your page and reads the entire copy but he/she reads more disadvantages rather than the product benefits and features, he/she will not buy what you offer.


Creating a successful advertisement holds the same principle as writing a great sales copy. To advertise effectively means to write effectively. Advertising and writing go hand in hand and they have but one purpose, customer satisfaction. When a customer is satisfied, he/she will consider everything that you have to offer even when he/she obviously have no need for it. That is the power of learning the art of writing and advertising.


Advertising your company or your brand name starts when you have understood all the benefits and features of your products and services. This way, when you receive questions from customers, you are ready to answer anytime and anyplace. Advertising is your way of highlighting your business. It is like presenting it on a stage for a special performance. At the end of the performance, the fate of your business will be determined by the reactions of the crowd. So play well and fair.

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