10 Ways to Keep Your Traffic Growing

Is your site not generating any more traffic? Are stuck in the lagging phase of your traffic’s growth rate? Have you tried everything and still cannot produce any result? If you want to know sure ways on how to keep your traffic growing, then today is you’re lucky day. You can learn more on this when you keep on reading.

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Reaching a plateau on your traffic’s growth curve will surely challenge anyone of you. It is not the easiest problem to solve since most of time, when you reach this wall; it means you have already exhausted all of your tricks on generating traffic. You might even think that it won’t matter anymore especially when you are already satisfied with the number of your readers.  However, you should always aim for improvement. Why settle when there are definite ways on breaking this wall?


How to keep your traffic growing?


As you drive more traffic to your website your community of followers and your popularity grow as well. It is important for anyone who wants to become a house name in their niche to continuously grow the number of their traffic.


Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that you won’t get stuck in that growth hiatus forever.


  1. Advertise. Yes, there are a lot of ways that you can generate traffic, so why advertise, right? If you’d reach that wall where you’re your traffic stops on growing, you would want to explore any opportunities that would help you break that. Besides, paid advertisement will surely generate traffic for you. You’d get what you pay for!
  2. Go to events. Going to events is a good way to learn new tricks and strategies that you can use to improve your website. Aside from learning new things, it gives you an opportunity to rub shoulders with people that can help you expand. Remember that online marketing isn’t the only place that can get you recognition. So put on some decent clothes and start meeting those people.
  3. Look at your hero. Anyone has someone that they look up to. They might be the very reason why you started your website in the first place. Since you got that inspiration on starting from them, then why not go back to their sites and study how they operate? Most probably your hero is an expert on your chosen niche. Try to mimic how they keep their blogs; see how often they update their sites, the social networking sites that they use, and if they interact with their audience.
  4. Stick to your strengths. Try to stick to your strengths. Keep on doing what you do best. Do not try to balance everything on your own. Instead of making things better, you might just end up having a mediocre website. So what you need to do is to invest on things that you are not great at. You may want to outsource tasks that you are not familiar with. Buy products that can be integrated with your own to help grow your market. Knowing your limitations and investing on things that can help you counter these limitations will help ensure continuous improvement of your website.
  5. Make a bold move to get noticed. Do something that can grab the attention of other people in your niche. You can write content about controversial topics that can create a buzz. This will grab people’s attention and will cause them to be driven towards your website.
  6. Improve your contents. Do you think that your contents are good enough for your readers to stay? How about to make new readers? You can grab the attention of a lot of people when you make your content strong and believable. That is giving strong opinions and giving your own personality into your writings. So be firm with what you say and people will soon start flocking into your website wanting to hear more.
  7. Improve your design. Make sure that your website’s layout and design is easy on the eyes and user friendly. Do not make it too crowded or your content will get lost in them. Making things easier for your readers is also a good selling point. Make sure that your readers can easily browse through your website and they will thank you for that by referring your site to the people that they know.
  8. Interact with your readers. Your readers want to follow a real person. Make sure that you are going to answer their questions either in the comment section, email or through posting of an article. Interacting with them assures them that you really are a person. Also, they will feel more valued when you pay attention to their queries and suggestions resulting to a good rapport.
  9. Build bridges with the experts. You should try to connect with the experts in your niche. Not only will you learn a few tricks from them, but a referral from them to their readers would surely improve the growth of your website.
  10. Try new things. Do not be afraid to sail the uncharted waters. You can win new readers by going a little out of your way. Just make sure that what you are going to explore on is something that is still closely related to your main theme. You can also try to incorporate other forms of media in your website. So you keep on posting articles, why not try audio or video content. You may also try to make a podcasts and include their links in your website. Not only will you reach a new set of people, but also your readers will love the convenience of being able to listen to you offline.


There are a number of ways that you can do to go beyond the traffic wall. It is up to you to make the right move and take the lead to keep your traffic growing.


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